nettreefrog (nettreefrog) wrote in feedme,

Favorite cuisines and worst experiences...

I thought that I would also introduce myself... Despite the fact that I do not like to cook, I truly enjoy eating...and happily try just about anything. Some of my favorite cuisines include: Ethiopian (love doro wat, kitfo, alicha, and tibs), Puerto Rican (mofongo de mariscos, "light bulb food", empanadillas de carrucho, and pork), Guinean, Vietnamese, Sri Lankan, French, Spanish, Armenian, Russian, Argentinean (what can beat a great red wine from Argentina??), Mexican (although mole is not my favorite), Peruvian (mmm comida china), and so much more...

The worst food I have ever eaten was in Santiago in Chile. Basically everything I ate was truly horrible --and I was sick the entire time.

What are your favorite cuisines?
What is your worst food experience?
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