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I'm a new member here, and I thought it befitting to introduce myself. My name is Ashley and I'm a twenty year old, at home fiance. I spend my day cooking and cleaning, and with all this extra time to myself i've expiremented with recipes from my childhood as well as new recipes i've come to aquire from the lovely foodnetwork shows. I love trying new things, and am very at home in a kitchen. I started cooking when I was eleven years old, my father was away alot at work and my mother was off in her own life as it was after my parents had split. I had to cook for my four brothers and three sisters. I would cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner and over the years I had gotten more creative with old recipes passed along in my family. I feel cooking brings back those old memories of my family, from my grandmother baking in the kitchen at all hours of the morning. To my grandfather spending long hours on holiday feasts, that took days to prepare. The scents from my childhood were great, salsbury steaks that my grandfather shaped and slow cooked himself in his own array of spices and gravy. I loved going to family events and just taking in all the aromas.

I'm an avid lover of cooking, just not a fan of the cleaning up. My fiance hasn't been displeased at all with any of my cooking endeavors. He has fallen in love with old recipes that my grandmother still makes to this day, and new spins I put on them.

Well, enough about me. I also found it befitting to share in a recipe of mine. It's quick and easy, not to mention ... utterly delicious.
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(1)Tablespoon } Dry Parsley

(1)Tablespoon } Dried Minced Onions

(1)Tablespoon } Rosemary

(1)Teaspoon } Salt

(1)Teaspoon } Pepper

(1/3)Cup } Chicken Stock

(1)Tablespoon } finely chopped garlic

(4)Pats } butter (halved)

(4) choped and quartered } red potatoes


Combine in a large bowl, your dry ingredients. The parsley, minced onions, rosemary, salt and pepper. Add your chicken stock and whisk. Chop and add your red potatoes to the mixture, toss with hands and make sure all potatoes are coated. Preheat your oven to 375degrees and add your mixture to a deep pan lined in tinfoil. Add the whole contents of the bowl, juices and all. Then add your garlic by sprinkling over the entire pan. Don't worry if you miss places as it won't matter. After adding the garlic, add the pats of butter in odd and ends of the pan. Cover the pan with another layer of tinfoil and place in the oven. This will cook for about 25min. When you take the pan out, be careful as hot steam will rise and discard the foil. Poke potatoes for tenderness, if fork goes through without any force needing to be added... it's done. Plate the potatoes by using a spatula or cupped tongs and take a spoon to drizzle some of the juices over the potatoes. You may even add extra parsley at the end for added color.

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