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Homemade Food Gift Baskets - Created By You!

Gifts of food are welcomed and appreciated for all holidays and special occasions. It can be a basket of homemade goodies or it can be a more elaborate gift basket containing gourmet foods and a bottle of wine.

Wicker baskets are traditional containers, but there are many other containers that are suitable. Unbreakable containers like wooden crates, trays with an edge, basins, tubs, and ice buckets are good alternatives. Since theme gift baskets are very popular, here are three of my favorite themes when making a food gift basket.

Cookie Lover's Theme:

This is a gift for anyone who loves sweets. It's a good idea for work associates and teachers as well as family and friends. A cookie jar, mixing bowl, or a basket are all nice containers. Line the container with a decorative towel, purchased shred, or tissue paper. Fill it with an assortment of cookies wrapped in small cello bags, purchased cookie mixes, chocolate chips, herbal tea, gourmet coffee, or envelopes of hot chocolate mix. Add a wooden spoon, spatula, and your favorite cookie recipes written on recipe cards. Wrap the completed gift in a cello bag, tied at the top with curly ribbon. If desired, tie a decorative cookie cutter in with the ribbon and add a gift card.

Barbecue Theme:

This is a particularly nice idea for men on Father's Day, birthdays, or anniversaries. It's also a nice gift to take if you are invited as a guest to a barbecue or housewarming party. Use a container that can double as a cooler such as a metal or plastic basin, tray, or a pail. An unbreakable tray with an edge works well, too. Include gifts items such as bbq tools, an apron, an oven mitt, cookbook, or citronella candles. Barbecue sauces, marinades, rubs, hot sauce, and cans of soda or beer are all necessary items for a cookout.

Mexican/Southwestern Theme:

Anyone who enjoys spicy food would be more than happy to receive an assortment of Mexican food items. The best tip I can gift you in creating this theme gift basket is to make it spicy and make it colorful. Place an assortment of spices, dry or canned beans, rice, bags of chips, and jars of salsa in a basket or a colorful bowl or serving tray. Add some fresh fruit such as avocados, lemons, limes, and pineapple. You may want to add a cookbook for Mexican food or beverages. Line the container with bright colored terry towels and top off your gift basket with some fresh peppers. Don't forget the makings for margaritas.


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